How To Run A Successful Event?

Well, this is a very hard and subjective topic. As the term of success, it is very different from one another. Firstly, think of what we have learned in the service industry, align that term with the clients’ expectations, that is the first step to a successful event. Believe me, as an event organiser, we tend to focus on all the nitty gritty that clients don’t want to bother, because this is what we are paid to do but looking at the bigger picture, in clients’ eyes, do they matter? It is expected to be done. So, first thing to carry out a successful event is to understand client’s expectation or definition of a successful event.


Without crowd, people or no. of pax (term we like to use), our event is nothing. All events are planned because we want to reach out to certain groups of people either to sell, to inform or for other purposes that are relevant to the targeted groups. Hence, putting attention to the crowd is important. Focus and enough ground work need to be done in this area. Most clients or agencies are carried away with fancy, breakthrough idea to impress people, impress bosses but eventually if we do not have crowd, we failed. So, shouldn’t we spend more time focusing in this area? Let’s answer some of these questions: how many people would you want to address? How do we reach them? From our existing database or new prospects? How do we get those names? How many people should we extend the invitation in order to get the desired no. of pax (always buffer for dropout as well)? After we answered these questions of how many and where, then we can look into their profiles – brainstorm on something that cater to their needs, what they will respond to, and how they are engaged with our event.


Planning an event is a journey for clients and target audience, always focus on the journey. Gauging from the target audience’s point of view, the moment they receive the invite, how they receive the invite, reminder calls – all these initiatives contribute to the good or bad experience to their event journey, even the voice and tone of the telemarketers who reach the audience for RSVP. How many of us were annoyed by some rude non-professional calls? Learn from the good and rectify the bad – that’s how we deliver our services professionally and efficiently. Pay attention to that, and before you know it, the journey is already flowing smoothly. Is it a prelude to the show? On the event day, what can we do to enhance the journey? From the moment they park their cars, get into the lift, greet by promoters, enjoy their breakfast, each segment of audience experience must be carefully planned and thought of from their point of view. When it comes to post-event, how can we end it with a happy ending? (Hahahaa) Well, how about personalise a thank-you email? It’s a little surprise and token of appreciation apart from door gifts.
I would also love to emphasise on client’s journey. I would consider it as a part of a successful event – because a happy customer is most likely a repeat customer. For they are the ones who engaged us, our focus on their journey experiencing the event alongside us is not any less important. Responsiveness is one of the crucial keys here. It decides whether a “mere” agency can be a great agency in clients’ eyes. Treat clients like how you would want to be treated. Always acknowledge their emails and messages in all means, even when you have no specific answer. A simple “Noted”, “We are working on it” or “I’ll get back to you” is essential to let client know that their message is delivered and an acknowledgement is a respect. In fact, it is just simple mannerism in life. We can’t have all the answers and most of the time, it depends on 3rd party like vendors and suppliers to get back to us but how we handle the communication and expectation is crucial. In the service agency, service is most important. Creativity is subjective but what is important, clients must love dealing with us.
Oh well, of course, there is much more towards a successful event, stay tuned to us for more sharing in making yours great, too!

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