5 Ways To Get Rid Of Gossip At Work

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

When chitchat become gossips at workplace. Irritating? Beh tahan? Get rid of gossips at work now!

1. Be Busy

Gossipmongers want attention. If you’re delving into your work, you can’t be available to appreciate their latest tales. This response is a great way to politely end a conversation with anyone dead-set on gossiping. He or she will get the hint.

2. Keep your private life private

Keep your personal thoughts to yourself, to your non-work friends, or to your very closest office pal. It’s important to be extremely selective about who you share anything with while you’re on the clock so to speak. Venting to the wrong person can lead to unnecessary workplace drama, and you don’t need it.

3. Don’t participate

Remember that work is not the place to share all types of information. If they start to speak poorly of another person, politely excuse yourself. Shutting them down will get it across that you don’t tolerate that sort of behavior in a non-confrontational manner.

4. Be direct

You know you are morally correct by not gossiping. So does the one spreading the gossip. If you confront that person and confidently tell him or her that such behavior is making it uncomfortable for you and other coworkers, it’s likely to stop.

5. Speak Up

Sometimes someone may be blowing off steam and say something that is a bit inappropriate. In most cases, it’s fine to just disengage. If you find this person is spreading negative news regularly, however, it might be a wise to pull the person to the side and let them know in a polite way that what they are doing is not nice nor helpful to anyone.

There’s always plenty of material for gossip in an office. Everyone has at least one or two co-workers they can’t stand, an over-demanding manager, a project manager who sends midnight emails—or all of the above. I believe gossips is one of the human natures hence get rid of negative gossips and encourage positive gossips instead. Think of examples where peers and bosses can communicate to each other what they feel proud about at work. Start morning huddles with positive gossip and reinforce the cultural values and key behaviors you want through story-telling. Just make sure whatever you’re sharing hasn’t been disclosed to you in confidence.

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