Why You Need To Appreciate Your Event Organizer/Agency

Most of the people who have never been in the event industry will only look at the surface of a successful event. No one would understand the sorrow behind every event, the tears & sweat they have shed. I am going to share with you the reasons of why marketer should value and treat their event organizer or agency nicer and kinder.  

We work around the clock. 

Starting from event preparation to completion, it all takes time. Not forgetting to mention about event setup. Some of the event spaces like hotel or mall don’t allowed event organizer to setup on normal business hours. Hence, we can only go in and setup after 10pm. If it is a big event, we will stay up all night to monitor the setup. Please don’t ask us if we have enough rest, because we don’t.  

We take up the responsibilities and solve client’s problem. 

Let me explain it in a scenario. We have hired a master of ceremony for an event. Just few hours before the rehearsal, we received a text from the master of ceremony, saying he is falling ill and unable to take the job. *panic* What can we do? Of course, quickly look for a backup but what if we can’t? At this point of time, we will become a magician, make the impossible, possible.  

We are always hungry during an event. 

We have to work professionally during an event. In order to ensure everything is going smoothly as planned, we must be there to check everything. But when we get everything done, it is almost showtime, we will not have time to have our meal anymore until the event end. Do you think we will have the energy to eat afterwards? The answer is no. All we need is just a good sleep. 

We have high EQ & tolerance level.  

It is inevitable that we will meet nasty clients. Regardless of how much efforts we have put it, there will always be something for client to complain or worse, yell at us. We do have feelings & emotions. But we always keep this in mind: client is always right.  

But hey clients, don’t get us wrong. We still love you. We are just asking for a little bit more appreciation (p/s: but don’t delay payment to us lah) and give us a pat on our shoulder once we have get the job completed maybe? ;D  

Andrea, Digital Team