My Heartfelt Message To The Team

My Team and I
My Team and I

I had been in the service industry all my life, from advertising agency to now a marketing service agency. In this industry, we are like jack of all trades. We have to know how to write proposals to clients, always Googling for new ideas, watching endless videos for inspiration and so on. I remembered we even attended a crash course on digital marketing to keep up with the latest trend.  

During this COVID-19 period, few things are made apparent. Whatever skills you have, nothing is more important than your attitude. The attitude to NEVER GIVE UP, constantly learning to do better, preparing for “business to open again” after the lock down, the positive thinking and resourcefulness.

To this, I am truly fortunate and blessed to have my partners and team. They have shown such maturity, had such “never-say-die attitude”. Whether they are in the office, at home or at the gym, it does not matter. They are constantly working and thinking of company first.

There are endless Zoom meetings and brainstorming for upcoming plans. I don’t know how I can show my appreciation. All I can do is say “Thank You” and sending virtual hugs to you all.

Let’s work for better days after lock down.

Yee Mei, Co-Founder